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Strategic Thinking: Decision-making in an unpredictable environment

Iseg Strategic Thinking

"Howard H. Stevenson, a Professor at Harvard and known as the 'lion of entrepreneurship', said, 'Forecasting the future is at least two things: important and hard.'"


If 2020 taught us anything, it is that unpredictability and change can arise at any moment. Although future events are necessarily uncertain and we know that accurate information is impossible to find, companies and their leaders must be able to make plans, using their abilities to think and prepare for the future.


In this webinar, Professor Joana Santos Silva, coordinator of the Strategic Management & Innovation program, discusses the difficulty of predicting the future, the cognitive biases and prejudices that limit our planning abilities when facing uncertainty, and some tactics that can help us overcome our mental traps.

Iseg Strategic Thinking 1
Webinar | Strategic Thinking: Tomar decisões em ambiente imprevisível
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