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  • January 2025
  • 18 months
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 25.000 €
  • English
  • 5 years prior work experience
  • Admissions Open
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An Incredible Learning Journey.

The ISEG MBA is AACSB and AMBA international accredited and aspires to equip you with technical acumen, personal development and leadership skills that will help you navigate the world of business and contribute to your professional success.


The world needs managers and business leaders of consequence. We believe that you are one!


Are you ready to Grab the Future?

The ISEG MBA is a unique learning experience for leaders of the future. Leaders with a purpose and a vision, who have a global and holistic perspective. It will focus not only in the core principles of management, but also in the areas of technology, innovation, design, ethics, and sustainability.

Iseg Financial Times Experience
One of the Top MBAs in Europe according to the Financial Times
Immersive Experiences
Immersive Experiences
Learning Personal
A Unique Learning Journey & Path to Personal Development
A Programme Beyond Core Courses
A programme beyond the Core Courses
Faculty Experience
Faculty with field experience
Campus Lisbon
Campus in the heart of Lisbon, with parking
The MBA of Universidade de Lisboa
Network with Outstanding Peers
International Accreditation
01 / 09
Immersive experiences

Learn through the most dynamic and disruptive contexts

A transformative journey through Silicon Valley, Lisbon Ecosystem and Portuguese Air Force Academy

Leadership & Personal Development

Create your own path and inspire others to follow you.

The Leadership & Personal Development process of the ISEG MBA is an innovative and immersive experience of self-development, which helps you design your unique signature as a leader, in order to impact businesses, people and society.

Student Admission

Do you want to know more about admissions process, fees, fundings and special condiditons?

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Strategic Streams

Go Beyond the Future

We strongly believe that the leaders of a complex and unpredictable future will need to master multiple domains and be equipped with a new set of skills, in order make a difference and have an impact in the world.

World Economic Forum (WEF)

Strategic Intelligence


Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS)

Decision making process

University of San Francisco

Experience in Sillicon Valley


Startup Lisboa

Experience in Hub Creativo do Beato

Instituto Superior Técnico

Augmented & Virtual Reality, Robotics, IoT & 5G, Biotech & Neuroscience, Nanotech & New Materials


With Company

Design Thinking and Strategic Design Tools



How Sustainability impact the day-to-day business of an organisation


Ethical & Governance

The importance of sustainability and ethics as part of good management practices

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Applied Learning (1)
Learning Experience

Applied Learning

Throughout the MBA, students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge in situations very close to reality, through case studies, simulators, class projects and group projects.


Know the Faculty

Our faculty is a combination of full time professors and top managers, that are experts in their main domain, and are committed to help develop a new generation of leaders. These members are supported by a Scientific Board whose role is to guarantee the overall academic rigour and excellence of the programme.
Know all the experts
Amy Hao

"A journey of transformation is often filled with unknowns and challenges, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled upon the ISEG MBA when I decided to take charge of my life. It's not merely about acquiring fresh perspectives; it's about mastering the art of navigating life's trials with resilience and ingenuity. The richness of the curriculum is impressive, with instructors adept at making complex theories easy to understand, engaging, and applicable through dynamic team activities and practical hands-on exercises. It's a valuable investment that not only enhances career prospects but also encourages reflection on how to lead an enriched and more fulfilling life."

Amy Hao , MBA 40ª Edition | Worlwide Brand Manager at Lenovo

Participating in the MBA program has been more than an academic pursuit, it's been a vibrant journey filled with camaraderie, innovation, and lasting connections. It provides a rich blend of knowledge, strategic thinking, and real-world application.

Its transformative impact has exceeded my expectations, making it clear that investing in this program was an investment in my future success.

Rosie Dias , Senior Customer Solutions Manager | Amazon Web Services
David Lopes MBA

The ISEG MBA led me to think differently and to try different things.

Because of that I was in a good situation to try new challenges and I embraced a new challenge even before I finished the MBA, I even changed countries.

This is something that I would never think of doing if I didn't go through the MBA.

David Lopes , GSE & Tools Innovation and Business Development Leader. AIRBUS
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José Garcia

I couldn't be prouder and happier about the decision I have made of applying to ISEG MBA.

The initial organization of topics in the ISEG MBA were very well articulated providing the required learning curve and perspectives. The interaction does not end when the classes are over, but it continues if the student wishes.
Congratulations for this open mind.

José Garcia , Engineering Manager at Talkdesk
Margarida Oliveira

The program relies o the notion of positive leadership, wich is essential to future leaders. 

Managing students to work in group in an international context thanks to the numerous nationalities, and also demands high standards.

Margarida Oliveira , Account Executive, Google
Testemunho Joana Ponte

The ISEG MBA gave me a boost of entrepreneurship and energy to conquer new things.

I highlight the immersive weekends we spent with the Portuguese Air Force and the Portuguese Navy and also the trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. I was globally transformed, as a person, it provided me different visions of the world.

Joana Ponte , Project Lead & Formadora Marketing Digital at Sandoz
01 / 06
Iseg Mba Ceremony
Class profile

Take a look at your outstanding peers

Find out more about the profiles of our students during the last edition of the ISEG MBA.

MBA Siite Prancheta 1 03
MBA Siite Prancheta 1 02
Average Age and Years of Experience
Nacionalities Prancheta 1 01
01 / 03

Meet the Strategic Board of the ISEG MBA

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Get all the key information so you can compare to make the best decision for the future of your career.
  • Face-to-face
  • English
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 500 Hours
  • 1 January, 2025 a 1 July, 2026
  • Friday from 3PM to 10PM | Saturday from 9AM to 1:30PM

This fee includes:

  • Immersive experiences in Lisbon and San Francisco ( Silicon Valley);
  • Two days of Bootcamp at the Portuguese Air Force Academy;
  • Individual assessment using the Kets The Vries Institute Platform;
  • Welcome kit;
  • Coffee breaks and Parking at ISEG;
  • Graduation Ceremony and Certificate.

No. You do not have to pay for the formalization of your application. Only after being admitted to the MBA Program will you be asked to pay the registration fee that will reserve your place in the Program.

Applications must be formalized by filling out the form available online on the program's page. To formalize the application the following documents are required: Photo, CV, Identification Document, Taxpayer No., Qualifications Certificate, Certificate of English Level, Motivation Letter and Letter of Recommendation. The coordination takes an average of 8 to 15 working days after submitting the complete documentation and conducting an interview.

Yes. The flight, accommodation and activities in San Francisco are covered by the tuition fee of the MBA.

DGERT Certification

Ines Vaz

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