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Podcast Innovation Code

Iseg Innovation Code Podcast

The world is constantly and rapidly changing, requiring the monitoring of trends and a continuous evolution of knowledge to ensure a high professional performance.


Professor Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, coordinator of the executive program Futures, Strategic Design & Innovation, of the Postgraduation Program in Foresight, Strategy and Innovation and executive director of the ISEG MBA, in an informal tone, talks in three episodes with leading professionals in areas such as leadership, strategic design, technology and biotechnology.


Get to know, through the voice of those in the field, the major challenges and best practices of the state of the art of management, leadership and innovation.

Iseg Innovation Code Ep1 Video
Futuro do Trabalho e Liderança num Mundo Digital - Rita Alemão
Iseg Innovation Code Ep2 Video
Prospetiva Estratégica e Design Thinking num Mundo Incerto e em Aceleração - Rui Quinta e Tiago Nunes
Iseg Innovation Code Ep3 Video
Dois Mundos em Colisão: Digital e Biotech - Arlindo Oliveira e Ana Teresa Freitas