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ISEG Executive Education

ISEG Executive Education is the executive education institution of ISEG, the School of Management and Economics of the University of Lisbon, the largest and best Portuguese university according to international rankings.


To promote a better society through learning solutions that develop people, executives and organisations.


We work to create the right environment and conditions to develop managers and leaders to be competitive on a global scale.

paixao em aprender
Passion for learning
Sobre Nós Imagens
Freedom of thought
Lideranca Intelectual
Intellectual Leadership
Compromisso Stakeholders
Commitment to all stakeholders
Social Responsibility / Sustainability
People Centric
Serviço Excelência
Service Excellence
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About us

Francisco Velez Roxo

Francisco Velez Roxo


Ana Isabel Morais

Ana Isabel Morais

Executive Director

Filipa Cristovão 6546

Filipa Cristóvão


Joana Santos Silvaa

Joana Santos Silva


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The challenges of always being in good standing with Life and Professional Activity can be summarized in three major dimensions and two small dynamically synchronized axes: Personality, Behavior, and Will revolving around the axes of common sense and teamwork.

The continuous process of personal and organizational development, in times of a thousand ongoing transformations in the 21st century (digital, energy, sociodemographic, ethical, etc.), must lead us, in a continuous manner, to have flexibility in the rigor of the way we live, interact, learn and, above all, manage Knowledge and Wisdom with enthusiasm and joy.

Francisco Velez Roxo , Presidente do ISEG Executive Education

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