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The only rule is that there are no rules

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Today's challenge is to anticipate the training needs of companies for their employees.


I imagine that many of us are tired of the whirlwind of days, the VUCA, TUNA or BANI world. Of continually chasing losses, putting out fires or solving a thousand and one small administrative and bureaucratic problems that consume our days. Traffic, strikes, social unrest, natural and environmental disasters, diseases, refugees, our days are loaded with gray. Inflation, war in Ukraine, PRR, new work models, difficulty attracting and retaining talent, squeezed margins, disruptive innovation, Chat GPT, political scandals, and other clichés come up like an unstoppable carousel in news and daily conversations. In the midst of all this cacophony, what is really important?


'Lifelong learning' - we will have to reinvent ourselves throughout our lives, changing professions and companies, and for that, we continuously need to reinforce our skills. It is essential that individual learning is transferred to companies, so it must be instrumental, practical and applied, and we must be able to measure its impact.


But what are the priority topics?


The quality of leadership makes all the difference. The function of leaders is to create and develop other leaders so that they become dispensable to the organization and perpetuate their creative capacity. People are the most important resource of organizations.


Change, we need to know how to manage it. Its frenetic pace continually forces us to question what we thought naively had been acquired. It is necessary to involve everyone, walk in the same direction, and align ourselves with purpose and values, which are our corporate lighthouse.


Of course, innovation will be the salvation of most businesses. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, or, in management jargon, we need Blue Ocean strategies, and it is innovation that leads us to them. Doing more of the same, even if very well, is always a strategy dominated by doing something different.


Agility in teams and processes is very welcome. We live in a world of instant gratification. Attention is a very scarce resource.

Adaptability and flexibility are indispensable in modern times. 'Survival of the fittest.'


Happiness and well-being are essential for employees, so companies go out of their way with programs and initiatives, promoting work-life balance, encouraging the development of non-work-related interests as an escape from stress. Mental health is promoted with awareness programs and best practices. If we are not well, we cannot contribute with our full potential.


Equality, diversity, and inclusion are also banners of the corporate world. For some, they are truly a purpose and a goal, for others, a mere need to comply with legal and civil requirements. All different, all equal.


We face the possibility of a mass extinction as a species. Planet Earth will continue to exist, we... The fight against climate change, the energy transition, carbon neutrality goals, and sustainable businesses are unavoidable topics.


Continuous learning will be an inevitability. What are the main topics? The only rule is that there are no rules."



Article published in Human.

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