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What does Luxury Brand Management consist of and who is it aimed at?


Professor Helena Amaral Neto, coordinator of the Luxury Brand Management executive programme and a reference in the sector, accepted our challenge to explain what the programme consists of, which will have its 11th edition on 11, 12, 13 and 14 October and which has received excellent feedback.

What does Luxury Brand Management consist of and who is it aimed at?


This is a programme focused on Differentiation Strategy, based on the luxury industry as an inspiring example of value creation. Over the course of 4 intensive days, we'll cover Luxury Strategy with real-life cases and a totally practical approach. We want participants to be able to take tools with them to add value to their businesses the next day!


This training is useful for any professional who wants to add value to their company/brand. Especially leaders - from entrepreneurs, CEOs, CMOs of a company or brand in any sector, because we're talking about differentiation and creating value at the high end - from real estate to automobiles, fashion and hospitality. It's these examples from various sectors that allow us to learn and inspire us to do things differently and better."


With such a rich history of editions, what are usually the added values highlighted by the participants?


This programme is designed as a journey of knowledge, full of surprises and experiences. Course participants are involved in this dialogue from the outset, and this sharing of experiences is a very rich part of the course. The Consulting Day is also a way of putting the knowledge gained into practice by presenting businesses with immediate feedback to this valuable network. Many partnerships and deals have already been created on these courses! The programme ends with the Luxury Day, where people step into the shoes of a top client. It's always a very special day, consolidating the concepts covered and full of good surprises.


Is there anything new in this year's edition?


This programme is continually being improved, and in this edition we're going to focus on innovation and sustainability - key themes in luxury and beyond. In addition to the best experts to talk about these topics, this year we have invited Mercedes-Benz as a case study. As a premium brand that has defined a strategy to position itself as luxury, it also faces the challenges of electrification with an impact on the entire business model. And we have lots of news throughout the programme - but they're surprises, so we can't reveal them...Join us on this journey!


More information about the programme here.

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