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Corporate Programmes

Custom Solutions

A specific response to an organisation's training needs

Corporate Benefits

Why a Customised Programme?

In a constantly changing world, lifelong learning and the continuous acquisition of individual skills are essential for professional success. A customised programme is an answer tailored to the specific training needs of a company or organisation. It is designed through a co-creation process aimed at accelerating business, strengthening individual skills and team transformation. In these projects, flexibility is a must. It is suitable for organisations that have a group of employees who share the same training needs. All the characteristics are carefully thought out to enhance the success of the learning process. This process allows an optimised path for a group of participants to develop the necessary skills for the good performance of their functions, promoting the competitiveness of their organisation.
Flexibilidade Parceria

Flexibility & Partnership

We develop a response perfectly adjusted to the needs of the team and the organisation, working in partnership, which allows us to optimise the skills development process.

Reflexao Alinhamento

Reflection & Alignment

Because we work with the concrete reality of the organisation, we provide moments of alignment and collective reflection that are very useful for the development of the business, which translates into a reinforcement of internal culture.

Networking Engagement

Networking & Engagement

We provide opportunities for contact between employees of the organisation who carry out this learning experience together, which allows the establishment of relationships of trust and complicity that will be useful for solving problems and motivating those involved.

Feedback Aperfeicoamento

Feedback & Improvement

We continuously gather feedback from participants and our speakers in order to improve the programme and better contribute to skills development.



Our solutions are designed to create value. The training pathway includes an applied component aimed at the rapid transposition of knowledge to business reality, creating impact on results.

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An answer to your organisation's specific challenges

Customised Programmes

Each organisation is distinct and has unique characteristics. The Customised Programmes aim at each moment, to build projects that contribute to the development of the teams and the business. We offer a range of possibilities:

We can tailor one of our open enrolment programmes to suit the needs of your team and organisation.

We often need to reinforce or develop skills in a specific area in a short period of time (typically 6 weeks). Using a set of active methodologies that combine asynchronous and synchronous tools, it is possible, within a few weeks, to promote the acquisition of these skills, combining the conceptual component with the practical application to the reality of the company.

It is important to understand the world around us. Often there are ideas from other sectors and markets that we can successfully adapt to our reality. At the same time, benchmarking of competitors is a valuable source of insights for the business. Corporate safaris aim to broaden horizons and provide sources of reflection and inspiration for employees. The organisations to be visited are carefully selected with the objectives in mind and the visits are accompanied by a script, which enables observations to be translated into action.

We develop knowledge on state-of-the-art management topics through short formats, with expert speakers.

Ready? Set, Go! Through hands-on experiences, we go from concept to practice through exercises, simulations, group and fish-bowl dynamics, individual development plans, coaching & mentoring, assessments, various behavioural tests and other active methodologies.

Different situations deserve different answers. There is a world of options that we can combine with training to stimulate teams, develop curiosity, promote a spirit of belonging, encourage divergent thinking and innovation, change behaviour, provide unforgettable moments and learn!

Methodology and Co-Design

Collaborative Development

Tailor-Made Programmes


Who knows the reality of the organisation, its people and their needs better than its leaders? For the development process to be fluid, it is essential to work in close partnership between the Business School and the organisation to carry out the appropriate diagnosis, establish goals and design the unique learning experience aimed at achieving the set objectives.

The success of the development process is our success. In this sense, we work closely with the partner to obtain the best results in the different phases of the project.


Co Design

Co-Design Methodology

1. Diagnosis - Phase of getting to know each other and gathering global information (understanding the business, sector, needs and challenges) and specific information for carrying out the proposal (recipients, starting point, objectives and definition of the project's success).

2. Co-Design - Based on the diagnosis, we design a solution adjusted to the needs of the group to be involved and the organisation, combining academic rigour and business experience.

3. Content customization - After global approval of the project, in this phase, meetings are held with the organization's SME (Subject Matter Experts) to ensure that the contents are in line with the company's reality.

4. Project delivery - In this phase, the different activities that make up the project take place and may last over several months.

5. Evaluation & Feedback Loop - The training process is continuously monitored for improvement. At the end and based on the feedback collected, an evaluation report is produced which will serve as a baseline for the project debriefing and adjustments in future collaboration.


Innovative Training

Learning Journey

From a New Way of Being to a New Way of Working

Our focus is on creating innovative training solutions that promote a transformation of mindset in employees, from trainees, through high flyers and managers, to directors and C-levels.
We have in-house know-how, through excellent faculty and professionals with valuable experience, that enables the application of a wide range of methodologies. The application criteria will always be your specific needs.

Learning Journey Custom

Tailor-made programmes identify problems within an organisation that apply across a group of employees.

The learning format is adapted to the needs and can be face-to-face, e-learning or a combination of both: blended learning.

CGD High Flyers
CGD High Flyers
Santa Casa Da Misericordia
Santa Casa da Misericórdia
University Of Vaasa
University of Vaasa
Leroy Merlin
Leroy Merlin
01 / 06
Sandra Brito Pereira

We feel there is a special relationship with ISEG.

There was an atmosphere of great energy and revitalisation, from very different areas, and this is very important for the cohesion and culture of the group.

Sandra Brito Pereira , Human Resources Director, Banco Montepio
Maria Joao Mendes

It was with great satisfaction that we chose ISEG for the results obtained.

We go away with reflections and teachings that will help us for the future.

Maria João Mendes , Administration, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
01 / 02

DGERT Certification

Filipa Cristovão 6546

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