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Sustainable Finance Podcast Uncomplicated

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In this 3rd episode, we welcome James Hooton, Program Director at the Green Finance Institute, who will expertly answer all our burning questions about this transformative power of sustainable finance and how sustainable finance is being incorporated in a variety of ways, promising to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable economy.

In this episode, you discover the incredible impact of green bonds, which are issued to finance environmentally friendly projects like renewable energy and sustainable transportation.

In collaboration with Jornal Económico, the Center of Sustainable Finance at ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management, and the British Embassy Lisbon, this podcast episode is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the topic with great experts.

Tune in now and explore its profound impact on our future!


You can access the podcast here >

Ep 3 Podcast Descomplicar Financas Sustentaveis

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