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Francisco Velez Roxo is the new Executive Chair of ISEG Executive Education

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ISEG remains among the top 50 business schools in the world, according to the prestigious Financial Times Executive Education ranking. Portugal achieves an extraordinary result, with five schools in the Top 50.


"There are hundreds of business schools operating in a completely open and competitive environment worldwide. Being among the Top 50 in one of the most recognized rankings increases our responsibility, but it also recognizes the good work we do. It's purpose-driven work. At ISEG, executive education is consistently approached from an organizational perspective, where creating business value takes precedence over individual success, although it doesn't exclude it. And this approach to the growth of education within the organizational context is recognized by the market and, therefore, acknowledged by the FT ranking," says João Duque, President of ISEG.


For Francisco Velez Roxo, who recently assumed the role of President of the Executive Committee of ISEG Executive Education, this recognition is "both gratifying and challenging. It is gratifying because it is linked to the realization of the organizational vision and mission of a School that has always focused on executive education, and it is challenging because an increasingly segmented and integrative training approach must demonstrate a perspective of acquiring more knowledge, skills, and good professional development in the highly competitive world of companies and schools at an international level, being part of credible and reputable rankings."


Portugal is the third most well-represented European country in this ranking, with five schools, surpassed only by France and the United Kingdom, respectively. This result reflects the innovation and adaptability efforts of Portuguese business schools, which currently develop learning solutions that are on par with international standards, capable of creating transformations and impact on Portuguese managers, companies, and organizations.

The Financial Times ranking evaluates the performance of schools, taking into account teaching methodologies, qualification of faculty, contribution to new skills and learning, and return on investment for participants.


You can consult the Financial Times Executive Education ranking here.

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