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ISEG and Columbia launch 2nd edition of international programme for top leaders


Strategic Leadership Programme takes place in Lisbon and New York


The second edition of the ISEG + Columbia Strategic Leadership Programme has begun. The programme is the result of a partnership between ISEG Executive Education and Columbia Business School and is aimed at senior managers and members of company boards.


The first week of the programme took place in Lisbon, focusing on the "Agenda of a Leader", and the group of participants reflected on highly pertinent topics such as innovation, sustainability, governance, geopolitics, macroeconomics and new technologies. In the second week of the programme, which will take place in New York between 2 and 6 October, the participants will design their leadership journey and reflect on their creed and personal values. It's an exercise that helps define the future path for these top executives.


The Strategic Leadership Programme enables top Portuguese managers and leaders to attend a programme that guarantees sessions in Columbia and an immersive experience in Lisbon, focused on knowledge acquisition and networking. Throughout the programme, managers are placed in scenarios of debate, reflection and construction regarding their leadership profile and are challenged to integrate these core competencies. This edition has 26 participants representing some of the largest companies and brands with the greatest impact on the country's economic activity. The ISEG + Columbia Strategic Leadership Programme has the participation of CGD, Montepio, Altri, Lusitânia, Gato Preto, H3 and Grupo Cofina, among others.


The partnership between ISEG Executive Education and Columbia Business School was the result of careful design aimed at offering the most advanced methodology in the areas of leadership and strategic management. The relevance of these topics is the result of a clear skills gap in these areas worldwide. The World Economic Forum estimates that 5 out of 10 workers will need training before 2027 to remain relevant in the labour market. Specifically, it is estimated that in the next 5 years, 44% of the skills needed in organisations will change. Leadership is 4th on the list of priorities for skills training. It is also important to note that the OECD has identified the core leadership competences as belonging to 4 groups: values-based leadership, open inclusion, organisational management and network collaboration.


The right leadership skills help executives make thoughtful decisions about the mission and objectives of their organisations, allocate resources correctly and, ultimately, improve the company's performance. It is therefore extremely important to develop quality training programmes to improve these skills in Portuguese managers.


Regarding the programme's mission, Professor João Duque, President of ISEG, said: "The Strategic Leadership Programme is a unique opportunity to stop and think, based on high-quality food for thought. Better than doing it alone, we can do it with other people who share the same strategic needs and doubts. In the end we grow together, benefiting ourselves and our organisations."


In the words of Bruce Craven, Academic Director in Executive Education, Columbia Business Schools: "We are very excited about the continuing partnership between Columbia Business School and ISEG. In 2022, the intellectual and educational engagement between the two universities has created a world-class learning environment. Our New York City faculty was impressed by the commitment, curiosity and professional endeavour of the executives who attended last year and we look forward to building on that success in the 2023 interaction. The course focuses on personal, interpersonal and strategic leadership, offering visiting executives the opportunity to learn from award-winning professors and also draw on their own professional knowledge and life experience as they expand their business network."


More information about the programme here.

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