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Futures, Strategic Design & Innovation

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We live in a world dominated by uncertainty and the speed at which transformations occur, many of them disruptive.


How can we be prepared to deal with this context? How can we define strategies and implement plans with this uncertainty? How can we be true agents of change?


The Futures, Strategic Design & Innovation executive program, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, is aimed at developing participants' ability to anticipate trends and explore scenarios, thus improving their approach to strategy and innovation processes. To achieve this, participants have the opportunity to explore the most sophisticated concepts and tools in the areas of foresight, strategic design, and innovation, integrated into an exclusive Futures Framework, over 5 days.


In this session, the program coordinator, Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho, will give a teaser of the topics covered in the program to understand what Futures (Foresight) is and how it can be applied in your professional context, with the aim of developing effective strategy and innovation processes for your business.

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