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Vanda Jesus Voltar

Vanda de Jesus

iCapital Managing Director


Vanda Jesus is Country Head in Portugal of the American fintech company, iCapital.


In her professional career, she has held leadership positions in a variety of areas, from consultancy, marketing, business development, sales and digital transformation, in the corporate sector, public organisations, associations, technology companies and startups.

She is a non-executive director of Startup Portugal and is a member of the Editorial Board of Human Resources magazine. She has a degree in Management from ISCTE and a postgraduate qualification in E-Business from ISEG/IDEFE.

During her 20-year career, she was Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, where she was responsible for launching the Building the Future - Ativar Portugal initiative.

She led the Portugal Digital Mission Structure, a governmental mission unit responsible for Portugal's Digital Transformation action plan.

She was Executive Director of APDC (Association for the Development of the Portuguese ICT and New Media Sector) where she coordinated the launch of various digital platforms and was Project Director at UMIC - Knowledge Society Agency, where she was responsible for the National Electronic Public Procurement Programme.

In addition, she was Director of Fairs and Third-Party Initiatives at FIL for the entire services sector (ICT, Tourism, Health, Public Sector, Real Estate and Education), where she held positions ranging from Marketing management to Business development. She also worked at the start-up Viatecla (a Portuguese software house) where she was Chief Business Development Officer.