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Jane Morais Voltar

Janet Morais

Founder and CEO of KOKET Group


Founder and CEO of the KOKET Group


Janet Morais is the founder, CEO, and driving force behind the world-renowned By KOKET Group. On a mission to empower though design, content, and experiences, Janet’s collective of brands includes the seductive home décor line KOKET, luxury lifestyle magazine Love Happens, brand agency DeMorais International, global interior design firm DeMorais Interiors, and home decor e-boutique My Object of Desire. In addition to her passion for design and business, Janet has always felt a deep desire to empower women. Thus leading her in 2018, to establish the KOKET-Love Happens Intern/Mentorship, a US & Portuguese based program created to empower young women to reach their full potential. Then in 2020, founding the Portuguese American Women’s Empowerment Alliance (PAWEA) with the mission to connect Portuguese-American women towards leadership. Now in 2023 Janet’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for empowering women have led her to venture further into the world of content creation with Lh Media, a soon to be publication house, now working on its first female empowerment docu-seriest titled the women of.