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Healthcare Institutions Management

Healthcare & Well-Being Management Program

  • 3rd Edition
  • April 2th, 2024
  • 204 h
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 5950€
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 6.30 pm to 10 pm
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Promotes better management, with increased efficiency in the use of resources and quality in the provision of health care, in a postgraduation which enables the attribution of competence in management of health services by the Order of Physicians.

The Benefits

  • Master and be able to implement the key principles of strategic and day-to-day management in health care institutions.
  • Know how to use the tools to support the planning, organisation, management, and management control of health institutions.
  • Know how to lead teams and how to manage available resources, namely human, technological and financial resources in health institutions.

For whom?

  • Health professionals, who exercise or intend to exercise management functions.
  • Doctors and other health professionals, who wish to be recognised as possessing advanced management skills.
  • Graduates in Economics, Sociology, Management, and Law, who exercise or intend to exercise management functions in health institutions.
Programa Gis Programme

Healthcare Institutions Management

The objective of the Postgraduation in Healthcare Institutions Management is to respond to one of the main challenges facing health systems, which is the further education of managers who promote better management, with increased efficiency in the use of resources and quality in the provision of health care. This postgraduation accordingly aims to develop participants' knowledge and skills in a transversal way.

This Postgraduation allows the attribution of the competence in Health Services Management by the Physicians Order.


Allocation of Health Services Management Competence


Experience a unique, impactful and transformative learning journey.

ISEG Executive Education is a national reference in Postgraduations, characterised as structuring programmes.

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Benefit from knowledge, tools and real cases from a specialised faculty, which combines ISEG's professors with professionals with valuable market experience.

Healthcare Institutions Management

  • Face-to-face
  • 204 h Hours
  • 2 April, 2024 a 25 March, 2025

This amount includes:

  • Access to a platform where supporting documentation will be made available in digital format
  • Welcome kit
  • Coffee-breaks
  • Reserved parking at ISEG
  • Final diploma

No. There is no fee for the submission of an application. You will only be asked to pay a registration fee to secure your place in the programme after being admitted to the Postgraduate or MBA programmes.

Attendance is not controlled for the Postgraduate Programmes. However participants are obliged to attend at least 80% of lectures of the Executive Programmes.

There are various discounts: alumni discounts, discounts for professionals covered by agreements established between ISEG Executive Education and their Employer, prompt payment discounts, and discounts contemplated in our sales policy. For further information, you should contact the Programme Advisor of the respective programme. Discounts cannot be accumulated, with the exception of prompt payment discounts.

ISEG is located in Lisbon, next to the Assembly of the Republic parliament building. It is accessible by the following public transport: Metro (Underground) - Yellow line to Rato station Buses 727 and 706; Train – get off at Santos station; and, finally, Tram No. 18. If you come by car, you can park in ISEG’s on-campus car park.

Assessments are made through individual written assessment, project and/or group work.

Applications should be submitted by filling in the online form on the respective page of each programme. The following documents are required: an updated CV and/or link to the applicant’s Linkedin page. On average the decision of the coordination team takes 8 to 15 working days after the submission of the complete documentation.

Yes, participants may use the library as well as the ISEG's Computer Room for that purpose.

Admissions and Fees

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DGERT Certification

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More information

Contact our Programme Advisor for further information and advice.


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