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Francisco Velez Roxo is the new Executive Chair of ISEG Executive Education

Dr.Gilberto Jordan E Prof

ISEG Executive Education has just appointed Francisco Velez Roxo as the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the next three years. 


He is joined by Professor Ana Morais as Executive Director, and by Professor Jose Veríssimo and Dr. Dionísia Ferreira as non-executive directors, and also by Dr. Gilberto Jordan, (non-executive) as the Chair of the Board of Directors. All are ISEG Alumni.


Francisco Velez Roxo has a degree in Business Organisation and Management from ISEG and a Masters in Educational Multimedia Communication. He also studied for a PhD in European Studies at UCP/IEP, Lisbon.


The new Chair of ISEG Executive Education possesses an extensive experience in business management and administration in various areas of business, namely: information technologies and services, credit control financial institutions and the health sector, among others, and also in postgraduate teaching and executive training.


Since 1977 he has divided his professional activity between working as a senior technician and manager in public administration, State-owned Companies (FFH, CTT, IPE/CIFAG, ANCP, CHL, ULSLA, HFF), and private companies (ALTERFATO, IBERCONSULT, SSF SOFTWARE, EASYPHONE, EASYSOFT, ALTITUDE SOFTWARE, SIBS, UNICRE, MULTICERT), and also teaching at university level and consultancy/professional training in Strategic Management, Marketing, and Operations for middle level and senior managers (ISE, ISCTE, ISEG, ISGB, ISEL, UCP).


Francisco Velez Roxo complemented his university education with a Postgraduation in Industrial Engineering (AliRati-Sweden) and an ITP (International Teachers Programme) from HEC/London Business School/HBS. He is permanently and consistently seeking to further develop his knowledge and know-how.


He has attended several executive courses on Strategy, Marketing, and Services at various Business Schools, namely: HEC (France), INSEAD (France), IMEDE (Switzerland), Columbia University (USA), and Harvard Business School (USA).


Focused on integrated skills development, he is a born communicator and a dedicated manager. He is also the author of the book/video on ‘Marketing para que te quero’ (‘Marketing for what I want’) and a translator of books on Marketing (Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Management for Services). He has presented papers at congresses on Strategy, Marketing, and Information Technology, and has contributed dozens of articles for Portuguese newspapers and journals specialising in Economics, Management, and Organisational Development.


He occupies his time reading, going to the cinema, cycling, and horse riding.

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