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Coordination of the Postgraduation in Financial Analysis places the Master in Finance in the top 23 in the world

Masters In Finance 2023

The Financial Times' ranking of Master's programs in Finance places ISEG among the top 23 in the world and top 21 in Europe. ISEG has climbed 11 positions in the global ranking, representing the highest increase among all ranked schools and the only Portuguese school to rise in the ranking.


ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management has climbed 11 positions in the Financial Times' ranking of Master's programs in Finance, now ranking among the top 25 schools worldwide in this field. Previously positioned at 34th place, this year's Financial Times ranking places ISEG at 23rd place, making it part of the top 21 in Europe, marking the highest climb among all ranked schools.


The Master in Finance program at ISEG has been recognized as the best cost-effective option in Portugal, ranking 12th in the world, as well as the school that provides the second highest salary increase in the country. The Financial Times table highlights the effectiveness of ISEG's alumni network and career services, ranking the institution as the best in these two indicators at the national level. ISEG is proud to be part of a select group of only 12 schools worldwide, two in Portugal, where all graduates find employment in less than three months.


The School's commitment to sustainability is also highlighted positively, achieving the best rating in Portugal in terms of ecological footprint. Considered the second best Master's program in Finance in terms of Overall Satisfaction in the country, ISEG solidifies its position as one of the leading finance schools in Portugal.


"We are extremely proud of ISEG's recent achievements in the Financial Times ranking; it is very gratifying to receive international recognition for the quality of our education. The inclusion of the Master in Finance in the top 23 globally and top 21 in Europe, along with an 11-position increase from last year, reflects both the quality of teaching in this area and the collective effort and dedication of the entire team, students, and alumni. It is a testament to ISEG's ongoing commitment to providing excellent education, reaffirming our position as one of the best schools of economics and management in the world," says João Duque, President of ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management.


The coordinators of the Postgraduaton in Financial Analysis are also the coordinators of ISEG's Master in Finance, which has been recognized as the 23rd best in the world by the prestigious Financial Times ranking.


In the Postgraduation in Financial Analysis, in addition to the coordinators, you will find many of the professors from the Master in Finance, providing you with excellent training recognized by CMVM at the national level and EFFAS at the international level. At the same time, all content aligns with the CFA exam, allowing you to take the most important Finance exam in the world if you choose to do so.


The "Masters in Finance" ranking, the most prestigious in the field, evaluates and ranks the top 55 Finance Master's programs worldwide, considering 19 indicators to assess the quality of the program and the school in three main aspects: graduates' career progress, school diversity, and research and international experience.


You can consult the Financial Times' "Masters in Finance" ranking here.

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