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Strategic Streams


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The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a strategic partner of the ISEG MBA that invites you to explore and act on the most important driving forces that are currently affecting and shaping economies, industries and organisations world-wide.
How do you continuously adapt your vision and strategy within a fast-evolving global context? Leaders require new tools to make better strategic decisions in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. The World Economic Forum developed Strategic Intelligence to help you understand the global forces at play and make more informed decisions.
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Global Futures also relies on a partnership with the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS), an independent and non-profit global advisory think tank, with the aim of facilitating the decision-making process in your organisation through scenario planning, megatrend analysis, risk management, innovation and strategy.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We have designed a unique Strategic Stream on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, in partnership with Startup Lisboa and the University of San Francisco.
This Stream provides you with the opportunity to explore two of the most dynamic and fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world, through immersive and hands-on experience in both Lisbon and San Francisco.

More than 30% of participants in the ISEG MBA create and launch start-ups or new business ventures either during or after the program.


You will also gain knowledge from some of the most cutting edge Incubators, Accelerators, Fab Labs and Investors, and contact global digital Disruptors, Big Corps, Unicorns and fast growing Startups.

Técnico Lisboa - the largest School of Engineering in Portugal and one of the best in Europe, is the partner for the Digital Disruption Stream.
Technology plays an ever-increasing role in the definition of innovative business models, a factor that explains the added importance of the relations between engineering and business schools. This partnership between ISEG and Técnico creates the conditions to increase the familiarity of the students with several important technologies and their impact on businesses. The objective is not only to provide an in-depth understanding of several aspects of key specific technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Blockchain, but also the tools to perform a more enlightened analysis of the potential of these technologies in a number of business areas.
Arlindo Oliveira
This Stream also offers a unique overview of how technologies such as Augmented & Virtual Reality, Robotics, IoT & 5G, Biotech & Neuroscience, Nanotech & New Materials are shaping our global future.

Design & Agility

Design & Agility

Design and Agility are becoming part of the DNA of an increasing number of leading and innovative organizations.
In the Design & Agility Stream you will learn to understand the value of Design for Business Strategy, Differentiation and Competitive Advantage, and also explore the use of Design Thinking and Strategic Design Tools to progress from consumer and market insight to designing actionable solutions.
You will be challenged to discover how you can encourage strategic and operational agility in your organisation and will participate in immersion sessions and masterclasses to learn and analyse how certain global companies based in Lisbon are quickly becoming agile and digital.

This Stream will explore the main sustainability issues in the national and international agendas and explain how these impact the day-to-day business of an organisation. It will further explain how the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals are related with both financial risks and new business models. As such, will also analyse the growing relevance of the extra-financial information - so called Environmental Social and Governance factors - for companies, investors, stock markets and rating agencies. It will also approach the increasing relevance of Sustainable Finance around the globe.
Ethical and Governance issues will also be analysed - from a theoretical and a practical perspective, since many Corporate Governance recommendation codes of several European countries already reefer to the importance of sustainability and ethics as part of good management practices. The current hard and soft law on these issues will also be discussed. During this course, several guests will be invited to share their views and experiences on the sustainability field.

Ines Vaz

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