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Leadership and Personal Development

The Leaders' Journey

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The Leadership and Personal Development process of the ISEG MBA

The Leadership and Personal Development process of the ISEG MBA

Is an innovative and immersive experience of self-development, which helps you design your unique signature as a leader, in order to impact businesses, people and society.

The Leadership Journey was designed to transform the way you lead in today’s dynamic and complex business environment, providing practical tools on emotional intelligence, influence and communication strategies, negotiation, building strong teams and managing change. You will benefit from a highly experiential learning practice with a wide variety of improvised scenarios, interactive exercises, and simulations.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to assess your existing leadership skill set using the Ketz The Vries Institute Platform, and chart a Personal Development Plan. Individual Coaching sessions will enable you to explore your strengths and areas for development, fine-tune your personal and professional goals, prepare future roles and responsibilities, and identify future career options.




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