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Immersive Experiences


University of San Francisco

Silicon Valley

Is the hub of the tech world, it is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems in the world. This immersive programme, in partnership with the University of San Francisco, will allow you to meet the innovators and to discover the startup mindset by visiting some of the most iconic companies born in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley MBA (3)
Silicon Valley MBA (2)
Silicon Valley MBA (4)
Silicon Valley MBA (5)
Silicon Valley MBA (1)
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Portuguese Air Force Academy

Portuguese Air Force Academy

For two days in the Portuguese Air Force Academy, you will focus on teamwork, coordination and improvisation activities. This is the moment to test your limits as you develop your leadership, strategic and time management skills, as well as your sense of cooperation.

Lisbon Ecosystem Immersion

Lisbon Ecosystem Immersion

During this experience with Startup Lisboa you will follow the creation of companies and their first years of activity supported by mentoring, strategic partnerships and perks, funding, networking activities and a community based on knowledge and sharing.

Iseg Startup Lisboa
Ines Vaz

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