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Admission Process


MBA Admissoes Prancheta 1 06
Requirements & Documents

To apply for the ISEG MBA, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • +3 years of professional experience 
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Fluency in English

Required Documents

  • Identification Document (Identification Card from your Country or Passport)
  • English Proficiency Certificate
  • Updated CV (in English) 
  • Graduation Certificate - The official document issued by the Educational Institution
  • 1 Reference Letter (in English) – From someone that knows you at a professional level. A manager, client or supplier, for example. 
  • 1 Motivation Letter (in English) – addressing your motivation and expectations related to the ISEG MBA
Fees, funding and special conditions


Enrolment Fee of €1200 and 7 installments of €3400

Special Conditions

  • Alumni Universidade de Lisboa - 10%

  • Alumni ISEG e Instituto Superior Técnico - 20%

  • Full Payment - 5%

  • ISEG Executive Education Partnerships – contact us (This last condition is not cumulative with others)


ISEG MBA Scholarships aim to promote the development of professional and personal skills for leaders of the future who wish to acquire a broader vision of the market, the economy and society, and have a real impact in their organizations and industries.


Sustainability and Governance  

The candidate’s application should demonstrate:

1 | Good Corporate governance and ethical values;

2 | Potential to influence and advise communities and organizations to develop more sustainable businesses;

3 | Potential to promote change in the company and/or in society in general;


Digital Transformation

The candidate’s application should demonstrate:

1 | Potential to promote digital transformation in the company and/or in society in general;

2 | A forward-thinking perspective on technology and its impact on organizations and communities


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The candidate’s application should demonstrate:

1 | Driven and innovative candidates;

2 | A passionate profile, with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Apply here.



To be considered for our Scholarships you have to:

  • First, submit your application to ISEG MBA;
  • Write an essay approaching your previous/current work on the scholarships’ themes and/or on your viewpoint on these subjects (maximum 500 words);
  • Submit the Scholarship form;
  • You can apply for all themes but will only be able to receive one scholarship;
  • The recipients will be nominated by a selection committee, including the ISEG MBA Executive Director, one representative from ISEG Executive Education, and an external member;
  • The scholarship will be granted subject to acceptance into the programme;
  • The Committee will consider the academic and professional achievements and merit distinctions received;
  • These scholarships go up to 20% of the full tuition;
    Admissions are open.
Ines Vaz

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