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Applied Learning




A simulation specifically designed to teach advanced marketing strategy concepts.

Our students will be able to test strategic theories and make decisions in a risk-free platform. It enhances the traditional pedagogical tools of lectures, readings, and cases, to teach these concepts at the end of a marketing course.

Global Management Challenge

Global Management Challenge

A competition of strategy and management, in which each team must manage a company with the aim of achieving the highest share price on the Stock Exchange. The use of business simulations allows the development of behavioral and management skills, encouraging the work and team spirit among all stakeholders and providing an interactive and dynamic learning.  


Capstone Project

Designed to consolidate final-year students’ learning with valuable hands-on experience to help develop them into well-prepared and well-rounded graduates.

Students work together in small groups to come up with innovative solutions for real-life problems, all while gaining valuable insights into the demands and responsibilities of the working world.

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